We are pleased to join the wide Mengo Senior School family, the Educators, Parents, Students and area residents in celebrating the School’s 120th anniversary. It has been 120 years since Mengo Senior School was established. Looking back, the Senior School has been filled with the blessings of God. We are thankful that God has been with us up to this time when we are celebrating this anniversary.
We thank the Lord for the exceptional students and teaching staff of Mengo SS.

Every morning when we see the healthy faces of the students while they enter the school, we are enlivened and re-energized. At the same time, we feel the heavy responsibility on our shoulders. The school has been taming in our students the seeds of Spiritual and Ethical growth, and is keen to pass on knowledge to the next generation. We endeavor to equip our students with all-round abilities in order that they can contribute to society in the future, serve others and glorify the Lord. Our students are candid, willing to serve, responsible and ready to take up challenges. We are proud of them!

Our professional teaching staff is motivated and passionate. Inside classrooms, they are serious in their teaching and keen to explore students’ potential. Outside classrooms, they teach with their words and deeds. They connect with students both as teachers and as friends, and become their life mentors. Our teachers also actively participate in school development work. They are willing to offer their suggestions and demonstrate excellent team spirit.

It is a God given blessing to have the chance to work with them.
On this 120th anniversary, we also take pride in the fact that residents, from decades past until the present, have valued and embraced formal education, ever drumming its importance into their children. We emphasize this because every school needs to be both an extension, and an integral part, of its surrounding community. We are pleased to note that Mengo S.S, and the outlying areas which support this school are testament to this principle.

Special thanks to the unfailing dedication of current Headteacher, Mr. John Fred Kazibwe and his loyal staff. It is efforts such as theirs that take students and generate within them, the spirit that characterizes a truly outstanding school.
We believe that with God’s guidance and the concerted effort of staff and students, we will scale new heights. We will continue to provide quality Christian Education to the students and produce generations of MENGONIANS, who aspire to pursue knowledge, academic excellence and lifelong development while still holding the core values of the school at heart.
On this joyous school anniversary, let us pray with a grateful heart. May the Lord continue to guide us as we proceed into the future!

In the Spirit of Akwana Akira Ayomba